Monday, April 02, 2007

Too Young to be Old ... Dove Pro-Age: Campaign for Real Beauty Uncovers the Beauty of Women over 50

[8 February 2007 - Dove/Unilever Press Release] Are you anti-age or pro·age? According to a recent Dove global study, nearly all women over 50 want to see a change in society’s view on women and aging. In addition, the majority of women believe that if media were reflective of the population, a person would likely believe women over 50 do not exist. For the first time, a brand is talking to women about aging in a positive tone. Continuing its ongoing commitment to widen the narrow definition of beauty, Dove, the global beauty brand, is boldly challenging the “only young-is-beautiful” stereotype with the next phase of the Campaign for Real Beauty: pro·age. Designed to expose what our anti-aging society has been hiding, pro·age celebrates women 50+ by showing their honest, real beauty. The initiative is being brought to life through a global communications campaign created with internationally renowned photographer, Annie Leibovitz, an over-50-year-old woman herself. The campaign features images of real women, literally uncovering all of their age spots, grey hair and curves, demonstrating that women are genuinely stunning – at any age. “Dove seeks to create an attitudinal change in the anti-aging category – from negative and fear-driven to affirmative and hope-driven,” says Kathy O’Brien, Dove Marketing Director. “pro·age is about looking great for your age.” Read Full Press Release Read Summary of the 2006 Dove Global Study Read Full White Paper on “Beauty Comes of Age”: Findings of the 2006 Dove global study on aging, beauty and well-being (September 2006) Read More and See the Ad

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