Tuesday, March 20, 2007

At-Bristol Creates a Storm with 40 Brain Experts!

[20 March 2007 - At-Bristol - UK] More than 40 neuroscientists have gathered in At-Bristol during this week-long celebration of Brain Awareness Week, which will end on 18 March. This will be the largest gathering of experts that At-Bristol science centre has ever hosted at one time. Together with At-Bristol’s science communicators, these scientists will assist visitors in carrying out a host of brain-related experiments and activities, such as building a brain model, which interestingly, young people find much easier to do than the scientists! Visitors will also get to experience tactile illusions such as confusing their brain into thinking that their nose is stretchable like Pinocchio’s! This public forum, in return, provides an opportunity for these volunteer scientists from Bristol University's Bristol Neuroscience Group to gather opinions and exchange insights regarding brain-related issues and dilemmas, such as the increase of dementia on our aging population and the use of brain enhancing drugs. In addition, it is also an excellent platform to cultivate scientists to be more participative in engaging the public with their work. 'We are extremely excited about this event as it provides us with a wonderful opportunity to host such a large number of enthusiastic experts! We are very grateful for the large contribution from Bristol Neuroscience Group's scientists that has made this event possible.' Says Lorraine Coghill, Learning Manager, At-Bristol. 'This event helps to bridge the gap between scientists and society. There can be a huge chasm between real science and what individuals are being exposed to and understand, this is especially so for subjects like brain science. At-Bristol provides a common ground for both parties to meet, learn and develop.' Says Lorraine. 'Bristol Neuroscience has a commitment to raising public awareness of brain research and its contribution to Brain Awareness Week is just one of its many public engagement activities. We are delighted to work with At-Bristol to host innovative activities during Brain Awareness Week in order to fulfill DANA's aims of bringing 'the excitement of scientific progress to the general public'. Says Bridget Lumb, Director, Bristol Neuroscience. Sessions run between 10am and 5pm everyday until 18 March, Sunday, activities are free with a ticket to Explore. These activities are supported by The National Lottery through Awards for All. Brain Awareness Week is an initiative coordinated by the European Dana Alliance for the Brain, and coincides with National Science and Engineering Week, which falls on 9 - 18 March and is coordinated by the British Association for the Advancement of Science. More


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