Monday, December 05, 2005

Reimagining America: AARP�s Blueprint for the Future
[2005 - AARP] Can America afford to grow older -- with intergenerational fairness, that is -- without sticking our children and grandchildren with the bills? The answer is yes, we can. Reimagining America: AARP's Blueprint for the Future, presents a realistic framework for getting it done. It rejects the gloom and doom viewpoint that we can't afford what longer life expectancy has brought us. It identifies positive trends that are often overlooked, and it addresses nine challenges that we must overcome in the years ahead. AARP believes that as a nation, we can balance longer lives with the pressures the aging of the boomers and increased longevity will put on our social systems. While this is often described as a confounding problem of demographics, it is actually driven by the fragmented and disorganized delivery of health care, which costs too much and delivers too little. We also believe that solutions must come from collaboration among government, private organizations, and individuals. Download PDF document here.


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