Tuesday, November 22, 2005

COGNITIVE VITALITY: New techniques and exercises for maximizing brain function

Cognitive Fitness and Aging
[21 November 2005 - Healthword] Findings about the highly adaptive nature of the human brain and its ability to maintain itself have implications for maintaining cognitive fitness throughout life. Multiple components of mental, physical, and social activity reduce the risk for dementia. Current research has indicated that the baby boomer generation is concerned about cognitive function -- both attaining maximum capability as well as reclaiming function in areas of slippage. Online resources:

  • Dana Alliance for Brain Health and AARP�s �Staying Sharp� campaign, which includes live presentations, a website, TV broadcasts, and print materials
  • Posit Science Brain Fitness program, based around �brain training� computer exercises
  • The Alzheimer�s Association�s �Maintain Your Brain� interactive workshops with tools for practical application: Contact your local Alzheimer�s Association for more information
  • American Society on Aging�s �Strategies for Cognitive Vitality,� a free downloadable curriculum on cognitive wellness. Senior Services of America has trained lay leaders to conduct a modified version of this program, and they have presented at over 300 sites to date.


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