Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Older Adults' Engagement Should Be Recognized and Encouraged
[28 July 2005 - Urban Institute] Older adults enhance society in many ways. While many engage in paid work, many others move from career jobs into unpaid activities that contribute to the public good. Many volunteer through formal or informal channels, providing help to neighbors and friends. Many older adults care for their frail parents, disabled spouses and children, and young grandchildren. Some older adults combine paid work with other activities. This brief, the first in a series, summarizes the types and intensity of engagement among adults age 55 and older in 2002. We define engagement as time spent in paid work, formal volunteering, informal volunteering, and caregiving activities. This brief also shows how engagement varies by age and individual characteristics. Future briefs will focus on particular types of engagement, the relationship between engagement and retirement satisfaction, and the economic value of these activities. ...


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