Wednesday, October 17, 2007

A place to call home: New residences planned for retirees who can't get enough of MIT

Often the "civic engagement" conversation focuses on how to involve more baby boomers in volunteering in their communities. However, the more important question is how to engage people of all ages in meaningful activity -- including volunteering, learning, politics, entrepreneurship, etc -- in their communities. Efforts such as these at MIT to maintain and engage the creative strengths and talents of its retirees is a great example of civic engagement, creative engagement, and creative community development. ...
[16 October 2007 - MIT News Office] Members of the Institute community who plan to stay involved in life at MIT after they retire have a new housing option, the University Residential Communities at MIT, located just blocks from the main campus. Tunney Lee, senior lecturer and professor of city planning, emeritus, and Jack Dennis (S.B. 1953, S.M. 1954, Sc.D. 1958), professor of computer science and engineering, emeritus, are among 36 people who have already reserved units in the Kendall Square residence, known as URC. Lee came to MIT in 1971 and retired in 1992. A specialist in urban planning for high-density settings, he taught in Hong Kong, then returned in 1999 to MIT, where he continues to teach two courses a year. Lee says he wants to remain close to what he calls an intellectually stimulating and challenging environment, one that has yielded many strong bonds of friendship. More


At October 17, 2007 at 7:49 PM, Anonymous martin Isaacson said...

I am at 74 definately not in exile. I teach very contemporary creativity models, motion picture visual aesthetics and black and white film photography at UCLA Extension, Ventura College and community teacher workshops in Southern California. Great teaching is based on believing that the process is a spiritual experience, a gift from the Gods,and in the dignity of the learner. That students need and want a voice and a point of view which the aged mentor can honor. I eat and spend time in the student cafeteria, walk the campus sharing my experience strength and hope.


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