Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Retiring an old notion: More Americans in their 60s, 70s staying employed, new census data shows

[11 September 2007 - Milwaukee Journal Sentinel] If you want an idealized glimpse of the American way of working into the golden years, meet Pat and Roger Benway of Shorewood. She's a social worker and case manager who helps elderly clients. He's a salesman. And they're both 66, with no plans to retire. "I'm the oldest guy in the company, and I'm proud of that position and ranking," says Roger Benway, who works full time for Berenz Packaging Corp. of Menomonee Falls. "I like wearing the crown." Apparently, a lot of other Americans are like the Benways, staying on the job a lot longer than in the past and rewriting the rules of work and retirement as they go. Nearly one in four Americans (23.2%) ages 65 to 74 was in the labor force in 2006, either working or looking for jobs, according to data to be released today by the U.S. Census Bureau. More


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