Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Retirement age: End of productive journey?

Retirement age: End of productive journey?
[7 November 2006 - Yemen Times - Opinion] Generally, the pensionable age is set at the age of 60 and retirement is the judgment that a person is no longer able to work and has to retire. Nevertheless, this equation is presently no longer appropriate and many countries have now extended the retirement age to 65 years. In my view the retired is an adjective proper for describing the employee who does not work. Here his presence and absence are at an equal footing with respect to the productive process. In reality creativity is not confined to a certain age. Rather, innovation and creativity crystallize and mature after the age of 60 and they are enhanced by experience and wisdom of the years. The best works of many innovators came after the age of 60. Most of scientists in various areas have offered the best of what they possess after they have passed the age of 60. Many poets and writers have produced their best works later in life. More


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