Thursday, November 02, 2006

Is it Aging or Ageism that Causes the Pain?

Is it Aging or Ageism that Causes the Pain?
[18 October 2006 - Women in Media and News Voices - By Margaret Morganroth Gullette] Ageism, the keyword you never read in the mainstream, is the true target of age-criticism. Nora Ephron is fair game because she is making money from the internalized ageism of her own gender. Sexist ageism. Age-criticism is not otherwise an attack on individuals, male or female, who are caught up in ageism’s vicious riptides, struggling to keep their heads above water by using the alleged life rafts -- Botox, surgery, laser treatments, fad dieting -- that the commerce in aging malevolently, out of self interest, recommends. Ephron and other self-described "aging women" can move into the feminist country of later life any time they like. No passport, no visa required. Feminists don’t police the borders. On the contrary, we are looking for all the new citizens we can inspire. It’s not even a country, of course. It’s a state of mind or a culture of feeling. You can flip into it with one experience of relief. More


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