Saturday, July 15, 2006

AARP Releases Survey on "Significance of Sixty" to Boomers
[5 July 2006 - AARP] AARP released a survey of more than 800 sixty year old baby boomers on the “significance of sixty.” The research posed questions on the significance of sixty, personal goals, longevity and the perfect gift. Sixty-year old boomers surveyed reported:
* Turning 60 was a “more significant” event in their lives than turning 50 (40%);
* The perfect gifts ranged from winning the lottery to spending time with family/friends to better health to a new car;
* Only 1 percent see age as a barrier to achieving their goals;
* Virtually all want to make a substantial life change;
* Nearly half (46%) are AARP members, compared to 30% of all eligible boomers;
* Work still plays a major role in their lives, with those currently working reporting higher satisfaction than their counterparts who are not currently working (81 % vs. 60%);
* One in five 60-year-olds want to live to be 100; and
* Nearly 80 percent are satisfied with their lives overall.
Read the summary and download the full report (PDF).


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